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A flywheel puller is a tool used to separate the flywheel from the taper on the crankshaft.

This is a double-ended flywheel puller. It has different sized thread patterns on either end, allowing it to be used in two different kinds of flywheels.

Once the flywheel nut has been removed, a threaded portion of the flywheel becomes accessible. The flywheel puller threads into this portion, and after it is tight, you can begin tightening the upper part of the flywheel puller while you use another wrench to hold the puller in place. This pushes the flywheel off the taper on the crank, allowing you to completely remove the flywheel.

Use a wrench to hold the flywheel puller and use another wrench to tighten the bolt that sticks out.

Important: Different mopeds use different flywheels, and many of these flywheels have different thread patterns. For a flywheel puller to work, the male thread on the outside of the puller must match the female thread on the flywheel you are trying to remove.

Add your flywheel experience to the table!

Mopeds First Side Second Side (if it has it) Puller Name Puller Brand Links
1970's Torrot Turismo (FEMSA Flywheel/Ignition System) 22mm x 1.5mm N/A Flywheel Puller [22mm X 1.5mm] M.B.S. Manufacturing Inc. most Italian mopeds, minarelli, garelli, anything with CEV ? NA CEV Flywheel Puller ?
Vespa Piaggio 17mm x 1mm NA vespa piaggio moped flywheel magneto puller by buzzetti Buzzetti
"Many, including Peugeot Malossi CDI flywheel
Some, Minarelli & Garelli Magnetos and other CEV magnetos"
19mm x 1mm NA 19mm x 1mm flywheel magneto puller ?
CEV 19mm x 1mm NA CEV 19mm x 1.0mm thread/ Small Bosch 22mm x 1.5mm thread-Imported (TL-101) ?
CEV/Ducati 19mm x 1mm NA CEV/Ducati - 19mmm x 1mm thread -US MADE (TL-100) ?
Peugeot 102 103 TSM TSA, Jawa 210 ? NA Peugeot 102 103 TSM TSA Moped Flywheel Puller ?
Peugeot 20mm x 1mm NA peugeot 103 tun® 20mm flywheel magneto puller Tun
Peugeot/Jawa 20mm x 1mm NA peugeot 103 buzzetti 20mm flywheel magneto puller Buzzetti
? 25mm x 1mm 23mm x 1mm motobecane clutch / flywheel puller Motobecane
? ? NA Motobecane Flywheel / Clutch Puller Motobecane
Puch, Sachs, Batavus 26mm x ? NA Puch Buzzetti Flywheel Puller Buzzetti
? 26mm x 1mm NA 26mm x 1mm flywheel magneto puller ?
Puch, Sachs 26mm x 1mm NA Puch Bosch Flywheeler Puller Bosch
Puch, Kreidler, Zundapp, Tomos a3, Tomos a35 w/iskra cdi, and Derbi 26mm x 1.5mm 22mm x 1.5mm Puch Bosch Flywheeler Puller + Derbi Bosch
Bosch/Iskra 26mm x 1.5mm NA Large Bosch/Iskra - 26mm x 1.5mm thread -US MADE (TL-200) ?
honda MB5 flywheel magneto puller + puller for tons of different small motorcycles n things like honda, yamaha, kawasaki, ktm . . .

Honda: CR80R/125R/250R/450R/480R/ 500R, XL80/100/100S/170, XR100/100R, XR50/CRF50 00-04, FL250, ATC70/110 (CDI ONLY), ATC185/250R, TRX90 93-00, TRX70/125/250 & EARLY 50cc
Kawasaki: KD/KX/KDX80, KM100, KS100, KS125 & most two-stroke external flywheel models and earlier point-type ignitions
Trail & Street models & most late model RMs
Yamaha: Most single cylinder off-road, enduro, MX, YZ & Quads with external flywheels 1968 & later, BW80, RIVA50, PW50, RZ350, TT500, XT500, YFM80/100/ 200/225, YFS200, YFZ350, YSR50, YT125/175 & YZ250F/400F/426F
KTM: 125/250 SX/EXC/MXC 98-00 & 250/300/380 SX/EXC/MXC 97-00

27mm x 1mm - reverse thread NA 27mm x 1mm honda MB5 flywheel magneto puller - reverse thread ?

Husqvarna Models: (FEMSA - BOSCH - MOTOPLAT) Most '60-'70 2 Stroke Models w/C.D.I Ignition
KTM Models: (FEMSA – BOSCH – MOTOPLAT) Most 125cc, 250cc, 300cc, 360cc, 495cc XC & MX 2 Stroke Models
Most BULTACO, OSSA, MONTESA, PENTON, SACHS & MAICO: (FEMSA – BOSCH – MOTOPLAT) Ignition Point w/ Condensers or C.D.I. Ignition Systems

27mm x 1.25 20mm x 1mm 27mm x 1.25mm / 20mm x 1mm super puller Super Puller?