Ghost Riders

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Ghost Riders
Grand Rapids
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Active within Moped Army2004-present
Branch captainShawn Finch, Jeremy Osborn, Joel Leo
RallyGhost Ride

The Ghost Riders are the Grand Rapids Michigan branch of the Moped Army. The Ghost Riders were formed in 2004 by Travis Colter, Lester Read, Kyle Colter, Tim Morin, Greg Koziej, and Nick Callis. They meet every Monday evening for Moped Mondays at Founders Brewery.

In August 2006, the Ghost Riders held their first rally, the Ghost Ride. In August of 2007 they held Ghost Ride 2. In August of 2008 they held Ghost Ride 3: Get Stuffed. In August of 2009 they held Ghost Ride 4: Your Enjoyment.

The Ghost Riders have a workshop warehouse space used as their clubhouse and repair shop. They have one of the top rallies in michigan and are a very active branch year round.

The Ghost Riders name comes from the comic book.

They have a large focus on Puch builds and Honda Hobbits, along with Derbi mopeds and being totally gay.