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Gliardoni Factory

The company Gilardoni was the first in Italy to produce aluminum cylinder with galvanic hardening the sliding tube. Since 1957 produces aluminum cylinder with chrome barrel. The achieved levels of quality and the performance obtainable with the adoption of this type of cylinder are shown by continuous and increasing success in the most diverse sectors. Born for use in sophisticated and high-performance engines such as aeronautical and competition for its unparalleled technological features and its growing economy, it has extended its use in the automotive, motorcycle, marine, agricultural and industrial. Looking for a product closer to the needs of modern technology, the Gilardoni laboratories have developed since 1976 and has long put into production in aluminum cylinders equipped with a new type of wear-denominated deposit GILNISIL®. The company's production capacity continues to increase, is able to satisfy the most demanding and high domestic and foreign demands.


Gilardoni was born in the late '40s by performing electroplating activities for third parties. With the addition of foundry processes and mechanics, the Company is positioned on the market as a manufacturer of aluminum cylinders with galvanic coating for internal combustion engines. The organizational evolution and the development of pre and post sales activities led her to become a producer of only even components at the system provider with intake therefore also functional responsibilities. Finally the introduction of departments of design and production of all the equipment necessary for mass production and not cylinder components, etc. heads. It made the Company able to respond in a self-sufficient way to market demands with regard to important factors such as quality and their "time to market". The historical focus on to market changes and technology, have given rise, and are helping to stimulate deep organizational changes aimed at creating competencies and means in order to achieve a partnership with its customers. The widespread computerization, which integrates both the management field that the technical, is enabling the company to carry out a re-engineering project that plans to build a corporate network configuration abandoning the old hierarchical configuration. This change is taking place through the creation of business units, real Profit Centers, namely:

  • The Management Unit with the task of guiding, management and service.
  • The Business Unit Components with the task of manufacturing in series of engine components: cylinders, heads and thermal groups.
  • The Business Unit equipment with the task of manufacture of the equipment necessary for the production in series of the above-mentioned components.

Although divisions of the same company, they are intended to interact with each other according to a customer / supplier relationship. The company goal is to offer customers a modern service by rationalizing the activities of production processes according to concepts of "flow" and the reduction of organizational levels to ensure professional growth "widespread" throughout the Company.

Company Location

Gilardoni Vittorio S.R.L. Viale della Costituzione, 32, 23826 Mandello del Lario LC