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Los Angeles, Ca Silverlake/Echo Park
Official branch?Not Yet!
RalliesFlock Yeah II (Spring, 2009)

The HalfWits: 2 stroking your Girlfriend. Believers in the Holy trinity of Moped: Air, Fuel, Sparks. We play dumb, think quick and ride even faster. A Longtime group of friends uniting under the rising sign of the moped. We are an enigmatic amalgamation of Artist, Designers, and Creatives ready to dip our wax covered hands in glass and see what we pull out. You haven't partied til you party with a Halfwit. Daily riders, not no weekend wheelers. The founding members of the HalfWits are a permanent installation to the Los Angeles Scenery. Find us ripping mulholland in leathers or popping wheelies on sunset like a wild pack of dimwits riding the crease, disturbing the peace and dodging police. Mile after mile, The dial ticks. We are getting closer to forgetting our problems. Did you know I snuck out of bed at 3AM to look at our bikes, and came to the realization that most moped problems are caused by the crazy nut that connects the handlebars and the seat. We and our mopeds parked, like the soul of the junkyard restored, a bicycle fleshed with power, We tear off up sunset, continually drunk on the wind in our mouths, Twisting the handlebars for speed, Life is too short for traffic. Ride like there is no tomorrow cuz there just might not be. And remember, street lights timed for 35 mph are also timed for 70 mph.

The Short Bus is our chase van.

Special Note: A female member will from here forth be refered to as a Halfwette.

Our Motto

Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death. ~Hunter S. Thompson

Club Quotes

"2 Stroking your Girlfriend" ~Bemor Halfwit

Club Houses

Patra Burger

Angelus House

The Terrace

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