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A headlight is a lamp (usually incandescent) mounted on the front of a vehicle to illuminate dark roads and alert other vehicles of its presence. In many states (check local laws), a moped must have a headlight illuminated at all times while being ridden.

Many sealed beam headlights can be converted to use replaceable bulbs.

moped headlight problems can prevent you from riding at night. They can even cause you to be in a serious accident if your headlight experiences issues while you are riding. To help minimize headlight problems, you can check your headlight every two years and replace the headlight. However, even if you are checking the headlight, there are other issues that can happen to your moped's headlight. If you start experiencing intermittent problems or a complete failure of your headlight, you'll need to troubleshoot the headlight.

1. Step 1

Turn the headlight on and verify that it works. If it does not, you may have a problem with the headlight itself. You'll need to have the headlight checked and possibly replaced.

3. Step 3

Open the headlight, unplug the headlight power connector from the back of the headlight and remove the headlight by turning the headlight counterclockwise and pulling it out of the headlight assembly. If the headlight inside the headlight is broken, replace the headlight.

4. Step 4

Start your moped and turn on the headlight. If the headlights seem to cycle through a "bright" and "dim" phase, that is not a problem.

5. Step 5

Visually inspect the headlight wiring. If any of the wiring running to the headlights is frayed, pinched or otherwise damaged, have the wiring replaced.