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Kickstand Mod


I like the way motorcycles are parked – leaning to the left.

So, I wanted to mod a center stand so that it would lean to the left. I did so, but getting the “right” lean wasn’t so easy (since the leg was cut, heated, flattened, then bent to the right shape), AND I missed having the ability to put it on the center stand for maintenance/repair.

So, I decided to mod the center stand as shown in the pic. This design solves both problems:

1) More or less lean can be achieved but adjusting the left a turn or so, then locking it in place; and

2) The right leg can be just slid in place, and the left adjusted longer to put it on the center stand for repair/etc.

I just bought some 1/2” all thread, welded (actually brazed) a 1/2” nut to the center stand left leg, then brazed a length of all-thread to the left leg that had been cut off.

Anyway, I’m not claiming that this is an original idea, or even the best answer – but none-the-less, I just wanted to share the results.

Someone later asked me this question: Why didn't you just get a side stand and bolt it/weld it the swing arm?

Answer: after market exhausts.

So far, every "non-Honda" exhaust that I've put on had interference issues with the center stand. For example, with the Leo Vince, the center stand hits the silencer. I certainly don't want the center stand leg to, over time, work a hole into that soft metal of the silencer.

Since I still want to experiment / graft other exhausts on my Hobbit, this modification: makes the right side of the bike is clear of obstacles; keeps my ability to do easy maintenance on the center stand; and lets me lean the bike to the left.


The floorboards on the PA50 are made of flimsy plastic that breaks easily (unless you barely touch them -- if so you are a pansy). To get around this problem, you can fabricate your own floorboards out of sheet metal.

Print this pdf in landscape mode on 11x17 paper and cut.

If someone actually does this, please post results!

Below is the Pattern printed on 11x17 and taped to a floorboard:


The pattern may work all right, but isn't close to the original.

I am modeling up a more accurate part and will post a Flat Pattern when done:

PA50 Footrest.JPG

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