Kalamazoo Moped Riders

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Kalamazoo Moped Riders
Kalamazoo, MI
FoundedSummer 2012

The Kalamazoo Moped Riders are an active group of moped enthusiasts that both hold weekly rides, as well as help others learn about and work on their mopeds. In addition to weekly rides, there are also weekly movie nights that are held at Quarterkick moped shop during the off season to maintain comraderie and keep in contact with one another. Although there are core individuals that plan rides and are part of the club, the rides and movie nights are welcome to anyone in the community that wishes to participate. The KMR public facebook page is operated by members of the group to share with the public information about rides, both scheduled and impromptu and people can post updates, questions, and suggestions.

Members can frequently be seen at their homebase, Quarterkick. Other frequent stops include Old Burdick's, Harveys, and Martini's Pizza.

Current Members:
Chad Burke
Frank Urrego
Ron Strozewski
Chopper Brad

Bob Schnieder
Andrew Lynch
Brad Wyant
Chelsey Wyant
Rebecca Palafox


Adam Nolan
Christine Bartels
Courtney Dodge
Josh Stover Meints
Mike Anderson
Kelley Hampton
Nick Hampton
Adam Jeffrey
Dennis VanScoik
Alex Milne
Alex Klein
Ambre Wright


Jordan Bright