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Kinetic is an Indian moped manufacturer. Kinetic mopeds use a Vespa clone drive train.

Kinetic TFR.jpg

The TFR (later stickered the TFR-USA) and some Magnum models were sold in the US for about a decade, starting in the mid nineties. Some were sold as the Snap. They were also sold around the world as the Luna. There are also some earlier models around similar to a Vespa Ciao.

The drive train is Ciao length, but mounted in a swinging arm, like a Vespa Bravo or Grande.

The engine cases use the Vespa points style ignition mounting design, but with a 12v lighting coil and CDI designed for it that is quite good and reliable.

The carburetor is a Spaco clone of a Dellorto SHA 12.10, Dellorto SHA jets and other parts are interchangeable. It comes with a 45 Jet stock.

The transmission is a single speed on the most common TFR model, and variated on the Magnum.

All of the engine parts are interchangeable, the clutches*, transmissions and rear wheels can be easily swapped, and Vespa performance parts fit about as well, with the normal pipe clearance issues etc.

All modern Kinetics use a 12mm piston wrist pin.

Factory accessories included an extended rear luggage rack, turn signals, and head and tail light grilles.

The brake levers are the same as used for the brake and clutch on the early Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle with drum brakes.

  • The later TFR-USA models use a slightly different output shaft on the crank which is longer and narrower on the snout, as well as a matching clutch, so they have to be swapped together if switching to a Vespa or earlier Kinetic part. The Vespa and earlier Kinetic crank output shafts stick 40mm out from the flywheel to the shoulder for the washer/nut when installed (not including the threading for the nut). The outer 25mm is cut to the 'D' shape to key to the clutch or variator, leaving the 15mm closest to the flywheel round. If that is not the case, you have Yourself a later year kinetic-only crank.

According to this (indian performance forum) thread, "TFR" stands for "Telescopic Front and Rear":