Lighten Roller Weights

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Vespa stock variator weights are too heavy. They open the variator when the engine is at a low speed. If you install lighter weights, the engine will spin faster before the variator opens up. If you're looking for a fast, cheap upgrade at low cost, you can drill out the stock variator weights.

I take the steel core out of the plastic caps, then drill them out with a 5/16" drill bit in a press. It's easy enough to put the weight in a pair of vice grips and drill them out. I was careful to make sure the vise grips were set to hold without deforming the weight. I also used some oil on the bit to help the process. Don't be in too big a hurry or you can bind the bit.

Begin Drill.jpg

Vise Grip Drill.jpg

Weight Set Before and After.jpg

Total weight before drilling was 35g. That's without the caps. After, is 18g, which is just under 4g per. It's not as good as buying Deadped Ryan's aluminum weights, but they sure beat stock, and it's cheap!