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The Lost Boys Moped Gang was started in 2011 by 4 friends that loved to blast the streets of Sacramento. And no, it is not from the vampire movie. We now have 7 strong and looking to add more to the crew. Most of the group are daily riders with some putting over 50 miles each day. Locally we have a rival group I think called the Landsquids, but never really see them ridding around town. Group is known for riding in all weather and all year. We have put on 2 Stroke swap meets and a few group rides. Still hashing out a rally idea and possibly have our first in 2013. We started the annual "Snot Sickle Ride" in 2012, where we hopefully get a nasty weather day in February for the hard core riders. There is no discrimination on what rides with us as long as it is a 2 stroke, toilets are able to ride with but not join. If you are ever in Sacramento, hit us up, we are always down to ride.