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MBK is the reorganized successor company to Motobécane, the French bicycle, moped and motorcycle manufacturer. MBK is based in Rouvroy, France.


  • 1923: Motobécane founded.
  • 1924: Motobécane's first model, the 175 CC motorcycle, is produced.
  • 1949: Begins policy of launching of small-engines. The company makes a true stride.
  • 1951: Motobécane begins to decentralize by establishing a great part of its manufacturing in Saint-Quentin, dans l'Aisne.
  • 1974: The company buys Velosolex.
  • 1984: MBK Industrie takes over the activities of Motobécane, with a new partner: Yamaha Motor Company Ltd.
  • 1989: The Japanese manufacturer carries the capital to 265 MF, to hold 99% of it.
  • 1999: The millionth scooter of the MBK-era leaves the Saint-Quentin factory. This same year, MBK launches the Stunt around a revolutionary and single concept: "Le scooter free ride" (the scooter free wrinkle).
  • 2000: MBK widens its catalog with the arrival of the Ovetto 100, Nitro 100, Flame 125 and Doodo 125.
  • 2002: MBK begins production of the Kilibre 300.

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