Misc links

Some moped related links fit nicely into a category but others are just generally related to mopeds. This is a good respository for links that will hopefully be categorized more specifically at some point.

General Info

How Two Stroke Engines Work

A very well done informative site on the workings of the two stroke engine. Check it out if you want to know how your engine really works.

Moped Army IRC chat

Live IRC chat, mostly busy in late afternoons/evenings. This requires an irc client.

Puch Moped Visual Vocabulary

Visual guide to Puch mopeds.

Riding a Moped Safely

This is the online version of the pamphlet the State of Michigan gives you when you get your moped registered.

Driver's License Fees (german)

A sleek site thats breaks down all costs for a moped & motorcycle license in Germany.


See also: Repair manual links, See also: Repair tutorial videos


I handy cross reference website for all sorts of Spark Plugs.

Getting your Scooter Ready for Winter

This is a very complete article about preparing a scooter for winter storage, but applies to mopeds too. Be sure to read this before the weather turns snowy. Note, this is a link to a PDF file.

Instructional Moped Videos

Various videos walking you through repair operations. Hosted by Expert Village.

ItsLookingUp Moped Stuff

A variety of moped resources hosted by one of the forum regulars. Mainly scanned manuals.

Moped Repair Tutorial

A great Moped repair resource. come here if you have any problems, and are looking for help.

Race tech

A good site to visit if you are looking to build a custom suspension for your bike. These guys seem to know their stuff.

Spark Plug Wear Guide

A nice page that shows damaged spark plugs, and how they got that way. If you are having plug problems compare it to these pictures.


Blue Book Values

This is a pretty cool service. It gives you the Blue Book value for your moped. The selection is a bit limited, but is worth checking out.

Cycle Services

This service will offer you emergency road side assistance on your moped for $42.00 a year, including a ride to a service station in a certified Motorcycle carrier even do some minor repairs. If you're planning a really long multi-day ride then this could be worth looking into. It's also worth nothing that AAA won't tow your moped, so a service like this is one of your only options for help if you get a flat, cracked frame, seized, etc.

German Ebay Moped Only Auction Site

This is a strange section of Ebay that seems to be totally devoted to Mopeds, and Mokicks. It is all in German, so keep your dictionary handy.


Motorcycle Maniac Store - Motorcycle and Moped Tires

Motorcycle Tires, Moped Tires, Motorcycle Apparel and Accessories.


Extreme moped trip

This webpage is all about one mans trip through the Yukon on his trusty moped.

Moped Country

Documents the journey of three guys who went coast-to-coast in the summer of 2007 (two of them on Tomos mopeds). The journey was based around a fund-raiser for the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund and The American Cancer Society.

Moped to South America

A website about the most epic of moped journeys -- California to Tierra del Fuego.