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Polini Polini - Oh So Dreamy. -- By: Travis Echert

Polini, Polini – oh so dreamy
I hooked you up to make my engine all screamy
You revved and you revved and my face turned all red
I never knew such joy could come from a ped

The stakes though are high when one reaches for the sky
Most mopeds are old and never destined to fly
One day it will seize, the rings all will be smeared
A leak at the intake or something else obnoxious and weird

So be careful when kitting a bike that you own
Cause if not, you’re bound to come on here to bitch
and to moan

Polini, Polini - Oh What Do You Say -- By: Matt Vassallo

Polini, Polini oh what do you say
To blasting a Tomos ten bike lengths away?

It’s too-easy, boy, give me something i like!
I’d rather be racing a belt driven bike.

So bring on those Hobbits, those Derbis and French
We’ll gear to the heavens and throw them a wrench

We’ll rip to the sunlight, more revs now than ever
But seizing and ring snags? well, never say never…

Soft Seize Poetry By: Harold

When soft seizing you will hear,
The motor goes waaaa ka ka klink.
The sound it makes is very clear,
The clunk you feel is very distinct.

When you ride hard on a nice cold night,
Or take your filter off on a real hot day.
Your motor starts to strain and fight,
Yap yap yap it calls in dismay.

And then all of a sudden,
You gain 5 miles per hour.
And you start to wonderin',
From where came this power?

Well that my friend… its the last little bit
Of life you are squeazin' from that brand new kit.

If only you’d listened when your bike cried,
“Hold the fucking choke down and pull to the side.”

“Now take off your shoe and give me your sock,
Put it over my filter and tie it.
We’re going home, slow as shit.
But hey at least you don't have to walk!”

Wow, I'm blazed.

Plug Chop Poetry By: Harold

“Plug Chop Plug Chop Plug Chop” I cry!
“Until you learn to feel me,
You’ll have to do it by eye.”

When it's dirty and black, it's got the shits,
You have to much gas you are running rich.

When its hot and white, but looks pretty clean,
You're 'bout to blow your shit up; you're running lean.

Untitled: by peteg

oh, a moped is a wondrous thing
with parts by CEV or Bing
Dellorto, Bosch and Leleu too
contribute parts that much is true
they use little gas and are very old,
and are always broke, so I am told.
But the freedom, Joy, & The swelling Pride
buzzing country roads on a Sunday ride!
The smell of 2 stroke and carb cleaner
make my beer taste that much sweeter
the frustration of not knowing why
she refuses to go and continues to die
only helps to propel me higher
when the problem is solved (t’was a loose wire)
What is a moped I hear you ask,
it is all of life’s pleasures and a pain in the ass!

Poem originally posted here.

Jawa Poem

Do you really think the JAWA is crap?
Go to the ER, you need your head wrapped.
Putting miles on this thang like its your grandpas truck,
Running circles around your ped, thats wtf.
Pulling stong on the hottest days, longest ways, climbing hills on Holidays.
Parts are hard to find, but thats alright,
All I need is oil so I can blast all night.
This peds so cool it made it in Star Wars,
Named to a creature, he'll knock you on all fours.
More MPG's im all over this map,
Ride so long its time to nap