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Mopedhead was started in 2003 in Amsterdam, Holland. A tour was made with a gang of 4 Mopedheads from Amsterdam, through Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland, and back again. 2 years later, a slightly larger Mopedhead gang rode from Amsterdam, through Germany, Denmark and up to Sweden, before returning to Amsterdam.

In June of 2007, a Mopedhead chapter was started in San Jose, California. The first San Jose Moped Rally was hosted by Mopedhead in May of 2008, called "Stinko de Mayo". Mopedhead is constantly expanding in size by adding new members and building more experimental moped bikes. Considered pioneers of such technology as Puch motors with Gillerdoni kits, 26mm Mikuni carburetors, YZ80 expansion chamber pipes and retro fitted 12volt CDI ignition. Or a Vespa Grande moped fitted with a Lifan 110cc 4 speed semi-auto trans with full "true moped" pedal capability.

Wrenching occurs on a daily basis and big time on Saturdays at the home of Eric "the Masta" Crackalackaman from former W.C.M. (R.I.P.). Riding mainly on Sunday afternoons, the rides usually venture out into the foothills or, from time to time, to the local pubs. Always interested in meeting moped fanatics.

San Jose, CA
Founded2007 (San Jose)
Official branch?no
RalliesStinko de Mayo 2008