Moving Targets

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Moving Targets Riders Club out of NW Indiana. Some sweet cruisin grounds here on the south shore of lake Michigan- and we take full advantage.

Country cruisin? ohhh a'plenty!

awesome lakeshore beach tour? ah, all the time. crave a ghetto ride? thrilling moped ride in GARY (too far for street cred purposes, yet wayyy too close for comfort) Mopeds? awesome! Scooters? also awesome (c'mon, it's like, the 2000's already!) we dont hate unless you need hated upon. we mostly love you. well, most of you, those who we've met, and I'm sure alot of the others, and you too, but not if you act a douche.

if you think you are welcome here, it's because you are. 

that is all for us, we only have like 3 people who are nerdy and cool enough to ride like the wind through a cupped hand underneath the pumping armpit of the moped gods. ummmmm.... want to ride mopeds? hehe