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Members on Cobo roof- Detroit
Noviy Lef promo sticker

Noviy Lef was a branch of the Moped Army that was started in Dearborn, Michigan in the fall of 2003 by Decepticon scout Chris Salmonson. The name was derived from a Soviet era literary and arts journal called Novyi Lef for "new left" -not to be confused with Motion Left. The regular Noviy Lef rides took place on Wednesdays and rode down Fort St to downtown Detroit, meeting at Jacoby's Biergarten.

Noviy Lef hosted two rallies, Red October and Red October 2, both with rides around Detroit. Red October 2 signified the combination with the next closest branch, The Guns, as it was mostly held in Ann Arbor. The majority of people in Noviy Lef had moved west by the fall of 2005 warranting a combination of the branches. There were many conflicting solutions to merge with various names proposed like "Bones" "Red Menace" and "Squares". On May 24, 2006 Noviy Lef and The Guns merged in to one official branch "The Guns" utilizing the old Noviy Lef logo.