Old Farts Moped Club (OFMC)

Born on April 29, 2013, the founder and captain of the Old Farts Moped Club (OFMC) is Don "OG Old Fart" Sumter. "OFMC" is the first ever international moped gang. Their main branch headquarters is located in Felony Flats, Nevada, USA. At the time of this writing, there are officially four members of the gang. OFMC's numbers are expected to quickly surpass those of their rival internet moped gang, The Groms, which Captain Don was once a member of. Under the command of their charismatic leader, The OFMC's membership is estimated to grow exponentially, surpassing that of Moped Army, and making OFMC the most dominant and influential moped gang in the world.

In order to become a member of OFMC, one has to be at least 40 years of age. If one is not old enough but still wants to join, written permission may be granted by Captain Don on an individual basis. Prospects must insert "(OFMC)" after the user name on their MA profile. Once the prospect makes a post on MA with the gang icon, membership becomes official.

At this point, OFMC is an internet-only gang. However, once they grow, they are anticipating rides, rallies, and gang wars. A very intoxicated Captain Don was quoted saying, "First, we get rid of the Groms, then we will destroy each and every Moped Army branch one by one, until OFMC dominates this f@#king scene--NUFF SAID!!"

EDIT 8/16/13: Captain Don has just joined Los Dorados, so he is now MA official. We'll see what affect this has on OFMC's future now that their fearless leader is ridin' with a rival crew... "Needless to say I am still here , and for the most part you will find me in off topic"--Don Sumter

EDIT 1/25/15: Captain Don is now MA-retired, having taken down the once-mighty Los Dorados from the inside. We now expect him to focus all his energy on OFMC, and world moped domination of OFMC is in the distant future.

EDIT 1/19/20: Captain Don appears to have been MIA from both MA (and Facebook) for quite some time. The momentum that OFMC once had has long since dissipated. That said, with the exception of a poster or two who still carry the OFMC ID after their usernames, it's safe to assume that the once-mighty Old Farts Moped Club has passed away into oblivion. Much like the flatulence that was the club's namesake, it cut loose, stank, lingered for awhile, and cleared. RIP, OFMC.