Peugeot Timing Guide

This page is a guide to setting the ignition timing on a Peugeot.

The Degree Method

I decided to make a brief entry about the method I use for Peugeot timing, as it comes up constantly. This is the degree method, which doesn't rely on an accurate multimeter or timing light. Although those may produce more exact results, this method can be done with only a piston stop, a protractor, a 16mm socket wrench for the bolt, a puller (of course) and a wrench for the puller.

  1. With the flywheel attached, set set your points to the correct gap (width of a index card, cereal box.. or just eye ball it) as close as fully open you can get and still get to the points.
  2. Turn the flywheel until the points are just about to open then make marks somewhere on the flywheel and the stator that line up with each other.
  3. With a protractor or degree wheel measure 18 degrees clockwise from the mark you just made on the stator.
  4. Set the engine to TDC
  5. Align the mark on your flywheel to the second mark on the stator.

This method sets your flywheel to open the points at 18 degrees BTDC. I find this to be the easiest method, as measuring degrees on the stator is way easier than finding 1.8mm BTDC without special tools. There are many other methods.