Repacking Cup and Cone Bearings

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NOTE: If hubs with loose bearings are worn, you must replace complete sets consisting of bearing cups, cones, and new balls. Bearing cups and cone nuts should be under $4 per each, and a set of ball bearings should be about $2. Total cost to replace a complete set for a wheel should be around $15. Refer to your service manual for additional information.

1) Loosen up the axle nuts on the wheel.

2) With your nuts loosened pull it out of the forks and away from the moped.

3) Remove the nut off of your brake plate. Now you can pull your brake plate off.

4) While you’re in there, get some brake cleaner and clean out the inside of the hub really well. You can also scuff up your brake pads with some sandpaper or a Dremel with sanding bit.

4) Now you wanna take the lock nut off so you can get the cone nut off. You need a cone wrench (sometimes called Spanner Wrench - you can find these at any Bicycle Shop) to hold on to the cone nut (it’s got 2 flat sides) and keep it still while you take the lock nut off. 15mm for a Puch wheel.

5) Okay, so now you’ve got your nuts off the wheel, and your axle is probably all wobbly around. Pull it out. Don’t take the nuts off the other end — this will make it easier to put back together. Pull the axle out.

6)Lay all of your parts in the order you pull them out, it makes everything easier when you put it together.

7) The bearings are now free. They are likely to either be gummed in the races with old grease or fall out… actually, you’ll probably have some of each. Use a long pair of needle nose pliers or a Q-Tip to get them out! Put the bearings in a small container (I used a Baby Food Jar), fill with Carb Cleaner, Starting Fluid, Kerosene, or Gasoline

8) Same as with the bearings your wheel races and covers will be covered in grease, clean those really well (Carb Cleaner, Starting Fluid, Kerosene or Gasonline).

8) After you clean out all the old bearing grease from the wheels and off the bearings, you can put new grease in the races and stick the balls back in. White Lithium Grease works great (again, Bike Shop), but there are a lot of options

8) Use needle nose pliers to grease your bearings and place them back into the wheels.

7) Put the axle back in.

8) Now you have to tighten the cone nut back down again. This is the tricky part. with your Spanner wrench in hand tighten the Cone Nut fully, then loosen the nut about 1/8 of a turn, make sure there is no play in the axle (if there is, retighten and redo).

9) Keeping the spanner wrench in place and tighten your Lock Nut.

10) Reassmble Brake

11) Put wheel back on back

12) Blast

Video demonstrating how to repack/regrease wheel bearings on a Puch Maxi rear wheel: