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The Anti-Socialites are a very loosely structured group of year round midwest riders; it's a 50/50 split of male to female riders; in the core of the group is a collection of gear heads that love wrenching on anything with an engine. These guys and gals are generally found blasting the twisty river roads of South Bend twelve months of the year, if you're looking to hang you need a kitted ride and be ready to keep up with 50+mph bikes on small tires taking full throttle runs through the bends. The outer and equally as important realm of the group is consisted of all the local guys and gals that love to ride, a great collection of people that understand a gang doesnt need a structure, a voting system or obligations. Anti-Socialites have no leader, no governing body, no written law.

In Northwest Indiana or South West Michigan and want to join up? Contact: Shane C or Josh M

The Antisocialites webpage

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