Tomos Oil Injection Removal

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Some of the earlier Tomos oil injection systems had an aluminum coupling to drive the metering pump. If this coupling was subjected to significant wear and fails, or not reinstalled the pump will not turn and the engine receives no lubrication. In recent years Tomos changed the design of the coupling for better reliability and simplicity. In addition some of the early Revival and Streetmate models had issues with plugged oil caps, which caused a vacuum to build in the tank. This was easily solved by sticking a small drill bit or needle through the vent hole of the cap but was fixed through dealer recalls. The oil injection hoses should be replaced if hardened or leaking at the ends. Care should always be taken to make sure the oil lines are not caught between the engine and frame during engine installation. It is usually regarded as a good idea to remove the injection and premix your fuel if you have installed a larger cylinder kit.

If you choose not to trust your Tomos oil injector system, here is a brief how-to on removing it. Just remember that you'll have to premix your fuel from now on.

Drain and remove the oil tank, (just cut the oil line off) remove the little round cover on the left side of the engine that attaches with one screw, the pump is behind that cover. remove the 2 screws and remove the pump. Look for where the oil line attaches to the carburetor, you will either need to pull it off and cap off the fitting with a vacuum cap, or cut off the line close to the carb, leaving enough to put a plug in. You can also use a m6 x 8mm bolt to plug it with a gasket. Use a normal hole punch to punch a hole in some chip board (cereal box) or gasket paper to make a gasket (Use gasket sealant or grease for extra protection from an air leak) . There are 2 lines, one from the oil tank to the pump, and one from the pump to the carb. Removing those usually requires removing the flywheel/magneto cover, which is the part that the pump attached to. It’s not difficult, and there is no oil behind it. That’s the entire system, the tank, lines, and pump. Remember that before you can start it, you have to drain all the gas out of the tank and carb, and fill it with premix, to avoid starting it on straight gas.