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Manufactured by Daelim Motor Company LTD, Trac is a south Korean manufacturer and importer of mopeds from 1983 to 1987. Some of their later models such as the liberty are still popular in Korea and South America and sold under the Daelim name. The first mopeds were made in '82, after '85 they switched to an updated motor and new model names but kept the same 3 base model types until 89. The last 2 models produced for 89 and 90 were the Blitz and Metro.




The Trac Clipper featured a rear-rack mounted gas tank with in-line petcock, and full leg shields. They were manufactured with the m56 motor from 1983 to 1987. A two-speed version featuring the DM50 engine, the Escot, was released in 1985, but did not include the legshield option



The Eagle was produced from 1983-1985, had 16 in. wheels and and used the m56 engine. It was replaced in 1985 with the Trac Olympic.



The Hawk was Trac's toptank offering, Also badged "Sprint". In 1985 it was joined with a two-speed version, the Image.


TracOlympic.jpg Info-Trac-Blitz-1-.jpg

The Olympic replaced the Eagle in 1985. It came in "flamboyant" red and "midnight" black. Featured the 2 speed automatic reed valve daelim motor, 17" wheels, Hydraulic forks and shocks and large drum brakes. The add-on windshield rack and turn signals were available on the black model. It was also offered in a two speed version called the Liberty (while the Olympic featured the pedal start 1 speed motor, the DP50). In general 2 speeds had 2 seats, the shorter solo seat and rear rack on the 1 speed pedal motored versions. For '89 and 90 the Olympic was rebadged "Blitz" but little changed besides the decals. They also made a 100cc motorcycle in the late 80s.


The metro was a miniature version of the Trac Clipper on 10" wheels released for 1989 and 1990. It was available only in red, and had the same Clipper style legshields and rear mounted gas tank. While it did not receive the newer hydraulic suspension, it did have factory blinkers and the updated oil injected DMC-50 2 speed motor, and weighed in at only 117 lbs.

Super Hawk


While not a moped, Trac made a 100cc 4 stroke motorcycle from 1987 to 1990, the DH100 Super Hawk. It featured a 4 speed manual 4 stroke overhead cam (OHC) engine similar to the horizontal Honda engine design. The small size, moped pedigree and attractive styling make them popular still among many moped enthusiasts.


Most Trac models used the Daelim motors, a Korean clone of the M56 Laura Engine found on Batavus mopeds. From 1985-1987 the motors were replaced with an updated Daelim motor offered with either a 1 speed with pedals (DP50) or a kickstart 2-speed version, the DK-50 ST. While they're reportedly a solid and reliable motor, no performance parts exist. The wiki page for the M56 has a plethora of information on the Batavus clone motors.

DMC DK/DP 50 Motor

  • Bore x Stroke : 40mm x 39.5mm
  • Compression : 6.5:1
  • Reed valve
  • 2 speed automatic (DP50 1-speed)
  • 6000 RPM max

Daelim motor company is based in South Korea and is a subsidiary of the Daelim Group and has been manufacturing scooters, ATV's and small motorcycles mostly for the asian market since 1962.

The motor mounts are similar to the Tomos motors, the bottom mount bolts up directly while front mounts can be easily adapted or welded on. This allows a more tunable motor with much greater performance options.

The transmission parts are also similar and many parts interchangeable between the 2 speed DK50 and the tomos A3, A35 and a55 motors. (unverified)


While typically regarded as a rather trouble-free motor, the output shafts on the later 1-speed daelim motors are prone to breaking. Also, the drive belts on the m56 are notoriously hard to find replacements for. The late model Daelim motors also have a small chain in the transmission which can break and cause catastrophic destruction in the rest of the transmission. This may only be on pedal motors (unconfirmed).

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