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A trademark or logo is a sign of identification; a graphical indication of manufacturer, creator, or owner. Much like the items they are printed on trademarks evolve over time, generally becoming more simplified. Often this change comes from a company's decision to diversify their products. The original mark might have been too closely related to an aspect of that company that is now only a fraction of their business.

Another way a mark evolves is for extraneous or decorative elements to fade away. Modern styles lean toward clean and simple lines, while more traditional approaches were often complicated illustrations with intricate lines and flourishes. Beyond style, another reason to move a logo toward simplification is the increased number of places it might be used. Simple designs can work well at small sizes, while more decorative ones can become illegible.

The significance of trademarks goes beyond noting who manufactured a product. They act as a symbol that the buyer associates with their experience of using the product. This association is referred to as branding, and feelings that people carry with them about particular brands can be quite strong. The advantage of branding is that if a product is dependable and well made, then one can assume other products under that brand are also. To take advantage of this positive association the changes in a company's logo must be happen slowly, so as to remain recognizable as the same company.

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