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The decoy

The decoy is located in Ottawa, Ontario (that's in Kanadastan). The decoy has many mopeds and enjoys finding really wrecked ones and restoring them to their original glory. She is a moped purist, for this reason.

Contributions to MopedWiki

Decoy's Mopeds

  • Honda PC50, 1969 (presently mint)
  • Honda PC50, 1968 (presently mint)
  • Motobecane Mobylette/Cady, 1977 (presently totally f*cked and equipped with a Briggs and Stratton snowblower engine)
  • Puch Maxi, 1975 (presently mint on the outside, but not so happy on the inside)
  • Piaggio/Vespa Ciao, 1974? (presently has no engine)
  • Pacer, 1974 -76 (parts bike - do you need some?)
  • Intramotor Gloria Scout, 1977 (presently on its way to being in a state of awesomeness).