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decoy says

Hey Brendan - thanks for adding that sweet pic of a Scout to the Gloria Intramotor to the GI page. :) Oh ya - how do you add pictures to the wiki site??

You're going crazy with this! Awesome!

Second that

That's a lot of additions-- and a darn good base for people to build on. Sweet job. I am working on getting some vid-caps from Spidey II, maybe even making a little gif movie of the puch destruction! I wonder if there's some kind of graph or chart to show how fast the wiki is growing over days or weeks? something more visual than the recent changes log?

way to go, Barrans!


hey, I was posting about how much better the current fastest moped article looks compared to the old one and I overwrote your discussion comment. I don't edit stuff like that so I wanted you to know i wasn't deleting your discussion comments. thanks man,