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Hi there, thank you very much for the help!!

Sorry to need a cleaning crew--

Is there another level to the comments/discussion? for example I see you typed this:

(formatting and fixing image. I reorganized the layout of the article -- hopefully it's all still OK) but I didn't see the formatting comment above on the discussion page, is there an edit history maybe, just wondering where the comments you and simon make are being added.

Yes, the article is super, both articles I have added look 100% nicer than they did on submission. Thank you again for the formatting and wiki help.

(assuming the mercadal talk page is for this sort of comment....?)

Adding MOD link to Simon King Entry

I mention the MOD in this entry but It should be updated to actually say "moped owners directory" with a link, entry or stub regarding the MOD (perhaps mentioning the actual MODS from britain and the irony of people obsessed with MODifying their mopeds using the MOD to connect?

another general wiki question involves fair use. Because it's non-profit and community specific would we be allowed to use the recent moped news phot-essay on small bikes in vietnam?

and, hypothetically, if fair use does allow for archive and use of those images how do you decide what category it would go into?

and yet another question....I'm sure I am not the only person who has a photo of their bike from a dozen angles. Is a moped photo essay a wiki category? I would say no since it's more art than fact

and news articles, when would an article (or theme of multiple articles) make the transition from "news" to category? Should there be a category for the odd news story (all too common) when someone tries to outrun police on their moped.

or, dying in a horse vs. moped race, the truly bizarre "crackhead on moped" news articles.

I see a lot of patterns in the news as I've been following it for years and would like to do start an article on the reemergence of small bikes-- (for years they were mocked and since mid-2003 the press has been praising them) but what category?

I will read the style manuals out there soon,

thanks for your help. I saw all your wiki-credentials so I felt OK asking all those questions

Also, would like to create an entry on mopeds in visual media (Television shows and films) for all those cameo appearances (Spiderman for example) sincerely, Wayne

Hey Wayne, I think an article on the MOD would be useful. If you start it at either MOD or Moped Owner's Directory, one article can be redirected at the other, and articles mentioning it can be easily linked to it by adding the Wiki-style double bracket links around the term.
As for fair use, I'm by no means a lawyer, so I can't say definitively what the term encompasses, however, while I believe it would be fair use to quote and reference part of another article, copying it outright may be seen as infringement. If you do, in any article, use images/text from another source, it's always a good idea to make citations back to the original source.
As for categories, no article necessarily needs to be part of a category. Categories, at least within the wiki, are most useful for series of similar articles, e.g., Dellorto, Gurtner, Bing, and Amal would all fit well within a category for carburetors, but some articles, for example, Swarm and Destroy (documentary) haven't got an associated category. It's possible, at some point, that if there were multiple documentaries or films about moped culture to maybe make a category, but it's not a requirement.
A moped photo essay? I'd say it's feasible. Simon wrote a very good article about trademarks which is not necessarily mechanical or technical or applicable only to mopeds, but is a great starting point for new articles about moped trademarks, logos, etc. At this point, any good pictures you've taken might be best placed in the associated manufacturer page -- for example, the Tomos article could probably benefit with a picture of a Tomos, and, say, for example, you upload a picture of a Tomos Arrow, if, some day in the future, someone creates an article specifically about the Tomos Arrow, the picture could then be moved there.
As for news, it might make sense to create a list of interesting stories. I think the Brand links page presents a good organizational format -- you could link the title of the published article to the article and below it write a summary of the story, like:
Moped rider eats his carburetor following two-stroke oil binge at the New York Times
Bizarre story of John Doe, who ingested two carburetor jets and a throttle slide following a contest in which his friends suggested he take shots of Motul.
Moped outruns officers on I-94 at the Kalamzoo Gazette
Truck loaded with stolen Peugeots evades police during chase between Galesburg and Battle Creek.
Sound systems for mopeds at the Journal of Whatever
Reviews of the all the latest 2006 speaker setups for mopeds.
...etc., etc.,...
These lists could each be their own Moped Wiki article, Bizarre moped news, Moped product news, Accident news -- and each of these could belong to a Category, e.g. [[Category:News]].
An article on the re-emergence of small motorbikes would also be interesting. I suppose it could be subdivided under headings about, perhaps, changing sales statistics, or by changing press coverage over time -- sort of a historiography of mopeds, of media and research, and about the changing trends.
I especially like your idea for articles about moped sightings. Different articles for lists about, maybe, Mopeds on television, Mopeds in movies, Mopeds in literature, Mopeds in advertising, etc. And again, this would seem to make for a good series of wiki articles for the creation of a category, perhaps [[Category:Moped sightings]].
Hopefully this gives you some ideas about new places to start. As ever, don't be too discouraged about formatting, categories, or organization. No matter what you write (well, unless it's an article about how to cuddle), it'll probably have a place and will be sorted out eventually.
Let me know if you've got any more questions. I hope my answers tonight have been helpful. I'm a little sleepy, so my apologies for anywhere I might have been unclear. --Mercadal 03:25, 25 August 2006 (EDT)