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Yup, I did. I was bored, and this seemed like a much better idea than cleaning my room. Besides, I don't know how much internet access I'm going to have after July, so I figured I should start now. I fixed/changed everything I knew how and could think of/find, but I'm sure there's still plenty left for you to do. Mycider 19:38, 11 June 2008 (EDT)

Now that I think about it... If you want a list of things that (in my opinion) still need help, I bet I could make one. Mycider 03:03, 12 June 2008 (EDT)

Yeah, I'm going to Costa Rica -- July 10 through December 15ish. I'm sure I'll have some internet access, but I doubt I'll be spending 24/7 online like I do now. 95% of the stuff I did was just categorizing articles and going nuts with links. I tried to clarify the purpose of any ambiguous categories so that people will (hopefully) be able to appropriately categorize anything they write. The categorizing business all makes sense to me because I put a lot of the articles in categories, but I'd like some feedback on it to find out if it makes sense to other people too. Anyway, here's my list:

Dang, that was fast. Don't worry about not being able to make changes while you were gone. It's not like this must be accomplished immediately, and it's not like it's going anywhere. I'm just glad to see you got back okay and you didn't fall off the face of the planet or give up mopeds or anything. It appears as though we've turned your talk page into the official "fix this" page...

Okay, I deleted the stuff that was old and completely resolved. I thought the list was getting a little bit out of control.

  • “K&N Filters For Dummies” – maybe this is just my computer too, but it links directly to the “K” page, and as far as I can tell, it’s not a redirect or anything.
Fixed. &s can't be used in titles. They drop whatever is after them. Only way to fix it is to go to that page and force a redirect. So now the K page redirects here. - Mike
Whoa, I never would have guessed that! Can a warning about ampersands be put somewhere where people will see it? I guess it's not a huge deal since it only happened twice with all the articles out there, but it might still be good for everyone to know. Also, if there are any other fun little formatting things that might be important, those need a warning too. --Linda
  • "Moped & Scooter strokes" -- this leads directly to the "Moped" page, but the "Moped and scooter strokes" page actually has stuff on it. What's up with that?
Not Fixed. This one is more complicated because it goes to the Moped page. I'll have to make a more clever solution than the K%N fix. - Mike
Can it just be added to the "delete" list? -- Linda
  • "Mounting the 15/15 Sha Dellorto on the Motobecane /50L/50V" -- this is exactly the same page (as far as I can tell) as the page "Mounting the 15/15 Sha Dellorto with a shorty intake on the Motobecane /50L/50V." I feel like the first page should redirect to the second (since the second is linkified a bit more, I think) but I feel bad deleting all that stuff on one page even if it is all the same.
  • Pages that need to be deleted: I figured out a lot of stuff, but I could not figure out how to delete pages that already exist. Logic tells me that there has to be SOME way to delete pages because, as on any internet site, there will be spam and offensive material that does not deserve to exist. For the most part, I'm willing to leave questionable things, but I think the following articles need to go: Farts, K, Blackball, Mitten, Performance (this information already exists on the performance tuning page), Team Mayhem (dunno about this one… read and decide for yourself), Winter, Moped Stereo (there’s no real info there and I’m not sure anyone is going to add anything seeing as how that’s a little specialized, but you can decide on that one too) Midwest Routes (delete individual article and make into a category instead)
I figured out why I couldn't delete anything. Looks like either Dan or Simon needs to be e-mailed to delete those. -- Linda
Yep, we aren't sysops, so we can't delete things. Boo. But we should make a list and contact them to get it done. Or they can make you or me, or someone they know better a sysop and give them the job. - Mike
  • I also have a page-long list of articles that I think need to be added to the wiki. Most of them are listed under the "wanted pages" page, but I pulled out the ones that I thought were most important. I'm not comfortable writing most of the articles, and there are only so many things that I can copy from wikipedia. There are also a bunch more articles that need some MAJOR fleshing-out, and my next plan is to go through and identify (and perhaps stubify?) those pages. I was considering making a post listing the most-needed articles and elaborations, but I'm still undecided as to whether or not I want to do that.
Most existing articles that I think need elaboration have been stubified, but now I've got a page and a half of articles that need to be added to the wiki. Sigh. - Linda
I'll look through these and see what I pages I can make, but I'm still far from being any sort of expert. - Mike
Do you think we should encourage people to start writing some more stuff? Like make a post about it? --Linda
My list is now on my talk page. --Linda
  • I think the "Shop Links" needs to be divided up somehow, like into internet retailers and local retailers, or some other way that makes it easier to find someone who sells what you're looking for. I'm just not familiar with 2/3 of those shops, so I doubt I would know how to divvy them up.
John and I fixed this. They are divvied up, sorted through, and organized. --Linda
  • On the help page, on the images part, there are instructions on how to make a frame around an image (I'm assuming you either added those instructions or made them way better than what they were.) It's missing a "|" though. Right now it says that you can make a frame by typing [[Image.jpgframe|Caption text]], but that doesn't work. I clicked on edit to see how that really works and it looks like it's supposed to be [[Image.jpg|frame|Caption text]] -- with the "|" after .jpg.
I fixed this, but then I tried to get fancy with it. That was a bad idea, and I'm not touching the help page ever again. Can you add something about making thumbnails? Like where instead of putting |frame| you put |thumb| and it make a thumbnail of the image?
If I don't get to fix this today, and you get to it before me, you can copy the article over from my wiki here. You'll have to change the cardinal logo to a puch logo or something, but it explains a lot I think. - Mike
Me + touching help page = bad. I'll let you fix it when you get a chance. That "gallery" thing is neat. Can you add that too? Also ... wow. You should not have linked me to that page. THERE'S SO MUCH COOL FUN STUFF YOU CAN DO! IT'S LIKE MAGIC! Let's hope I can restrain myself from going nuts with links and formatting and all that other stuff. --Linda
  • The category "Parts" (not to be confused with the category "Moped parts") is kind of a clusterfuck. There is some sort of table there that I don't really understand, and I bet most of that info could be placed or linked somewhere else more appropriate ... I just don't know how or where. Also, it might help alleviate confusion to re-name that category as "Brand name parts" or something else similar and easy to type to help make an obvious distinction from the generic "Moped parts" category.
Yeah, these pages need help. I will try to sort them out. Or you can. One of us will. - Mike
I can rename the category by re-categorizing all the articles in it, but I don't know what to do about the table or the stuff in the table. I mean, yeah, I could delete the tables and move the links to "shop links," but I feel like I'm straying from the original purpose of the page. The articles I've linked certainly aren't parts lists. Would anyone even be able to contribute information about parts lists and numbers, though? If that information is out there, it's probably either linked at one of the sites for manuals, on the forums somewhere, or at I dunno... what do you think? Keep it? Get rid of it? Redistribute the info that's there and re-purpose it? --Linda
Okay, I did something to it. I got rid of the first table because the only thing in it was a link to an image that doesn't seem to exist. The second table was just shop links (which I'm guessing all have some sort of parts diagrams somewhere.) I moved the ones that seemed moped-related to the shop links page, and I just got rid of one of them that seemed to be about scooters. I didn't rename it because I was being lazy, although I slightly modified the description on the front page to help people know what's there. I also modified the description for the category itself, and I added a link to the shop links page in an attempt to help people not freak out when the page is changed. I still wanna know what you think about having somewhere for parts lists (the original purpose of the category). --Linda

Just in case you don't check the recent changes like a fifth forum, I thought I'd add here that I added some commentary to the discussion on the help page. Tomorrow's a holiday here; everything is closed and I've got nothing to do. Since I'm probably going to be on the computer all day anyway, I might as well do something productive. If I can do what I was talking about on the other discussion page or if there's anything you want me to work on (that preferably does not involve messing with the editing help page because I fail at tables) let me know and I'll do what I can. I would love to copy over the WikiLou stuff, but I don't want to do that until there is a logical way to organize it -- as in, something better than the single editing help page. --Mycider 23:30, 14 August 2008 (EDT)

Now THAT is what I call a wiki fix-it party!
You're right... it's definitely a sickness. What can I say, though? I've always been a proofreading whore. This wiki is opportunity to proofread whorishly + mopeds + MAGIC formatting. How am I supposed to fight that kind of allure? --Mycider 01:09, 18 August 2008 (EDT)