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Greetings Bob.

I can see you've found the article dedicated to explaining the ridiculous situation you instigated on the forums. I tried my best to be fair while writing it, although I'm sure you feel otherwise. You might notice that while I (and JamesG) removed many of your "corrections," I did fix some of the things that that you changed which could be construed as factual errors. If you also check the history of the article of the story you wrote, you will see that I have reverted it several times from when it has been erased. (As I said, I'm trying to be fair). If you are going to continue editing the article, there are a few things I think you should know:

  1. Please do not turn the text into one giant paragraph. This looks bad and is very hard to read.
  2. Please do not mess up the HTML formatting (those colored letters, specifically). If you MUST change them, do your homework online and learn how to change it without screwing it up. That's how I figured it out in the first place, so you can figure it out too.
  3. Use the "show preview" button to verify your changes before saving the page. This keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to manage. It's also a good way to learn how formatting works, since you can quickly see the effect of any of your changes on the actual article.
  4. I spend A LOT of time on this site and on this wiki. I check the recent changes like a 5th forum. I will continue to revert any of your edits which damage the continuity of the article.
  5. If you would like a personal rebuttal, you do have a user page (it's that red link under "personal tools" on the top left part of the screen) which you can edit with your version of the story. You also have your profile page on Moped Army which you can edit (and nobody can change) where you could write a rebuttal to this article. I would be happy to prominently link either of things into the article.

If you have any other questions, I wouldn't be particularly happy to answer them. However, since I started this dialogue by writing on your talk page, I guess I'm kind of obligated. Sigh. --Mycider 22:11, 24 October 2008 (EDT)

I'm offering a truce .. delete the article totally and I'll stop editing the Wiki. You know I have access to at least 10 public computers in Peterborough, plus I travel a lot, I can continue to do this stuff despite Harold's delete button. I want to be friends with you and Harold, but I don't enjoy having my good name slandered. So .. why can't we be friends and just delete the thing?

you have been BANNED from this site. everything you do here is a VIOLATION. the OWNER of the site, the ADMINISTRATORS of the site and the COMMUNITY have all expressed the desire for you to leave and never come back. why would i want to be friends with someone who has wasted countless hours of my time. we will never be friends. move on.

Just as I said .. Harold is Linda .. do you dress in women's clothes often, Harold?

feel free to email simon yourself. im sure he will ignore you.