Vespa and Kinetic Variators

Vespa stock variator

There are five and eight roller versions. The roller weights are smaller than the Malossi and Polini. Kinetic is similiar.

Vespa stock variator.jpg

Malossi "Multivar" performance variator

Larger than stock, allowing for greater top speed without sacrificing acceleration. 90mm plates with "Range of use from 28mm to 88mm (useful dimensions from 20mm to 90mm)". Comes with one set of 4.7gr black open-center HTRoll, or 2.7gr red solid-center Colorroll roller weights (varies depending on exact part number) and yellow reinforced counter-spring. Uses six 16mmx13mm rollers, available in a range of weights from 1.9gr to 14gr for fine tuning.

Vespa malossi variator.jpg Vespa malossi multivar.jpg

Polini "Speed Control" performance variator

Similar to Malossi. Comes with two sets of roller weights; yellow 7gr, and blue 12gr. Uses six 13mmx16mm rollers, weight kits are available for fine tuning.

Vespa polini variator.jpg Vespa polini variator2.gif Vespa polini variator3.jpg

Teknoetre variator modification kit

Performance upgrade for stock variator. Improves top speed and acceleration.

Vespa teknoetre stock variator upgrade.jpg

Variated Vespa counter-clutch

Clutch with counter-sprung variable driven pulley. There are 90mm and 100mm pulley models. Various strengths of counter and clutch shoe springs are available for fine tuning. Kinetic is similiar.

Vespa counter-clutch.jpg

Variated Vespa Transmission

This is the variated vespa transmission, it has a longer input shaft to accommodate the counter-clutch. Kinetic is similiar.

Variated vespa transmission.JPG

Malossi Final Drive Transmission gearing

9:1 ratio for a higher top speed vs. ~12.25:1 stock.

Vespa malossi gear set.jpg