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The purpose of this article is to entertain but moreover to be edited by those more closely involved with this subject.


WariSesi Sawatis is an enigmatic figure that frequented the forums and was a regular on moped chat and the forums boards (often as "Winterweb"). She was alleged to be a 19-year old Metis girl from eastern Ontario, Canada with a passion for mopeds, particularly Motobecanes. 'She' used two post office box numbers in farm communities in southeastern Ontario near the Quebec border, where there are two native reservations nearby, as her mail drops. She claimed to be a young woman living with a fellow named 50 who owned a farm and had some Mobys as well. Wari spoke fluent French and could interpret it. She claimed that "Dave" was sick with a chronic disease; she was his caregiver and lover and lived at his home.


WariSesi tended to be very amiable and easy to talk to (if somewhat flirtatious), often asking moped-related question that could easily have a double meaning with the likely purpose of eliciting a humorous or perverted response ie: "What is a petcock?" The combination of pictures of an attractive young woman and sexual double entendres proved to be irresistible for many GenFor posters, for the obvious reason that most MA posters are young, male, single and lonely (see also erinl). She also seemed to have an incredible knowledge of Motobecanes and 2-stroke engines in general. Her own bike is a Motobecane Cady. She made a number of repeated typing errors notably using "mine" where "my" was appropriate. These errors were consistent and perhaps a device to lend to the illusion of youth whenever she began to appear mature beyond her years.

Although flirtatious most of the time, "Wari" never seemed overtly sexual, just more or less fond of attention. "She" engaged both male and female members politely and often provided genuine input and knowledge to discussion. This aspect of the character is surely missed by those who wanted 'her' to be a real young woman. To the less credulous, she was regarded as fantasy fodder for young males.

Knowledge Bank

For a 19-year old girl who allegedly grew up on an Indian reservation, she possessed a huge and alarming amount of knowledge about the following topics:

  • 1961 American Ramblers and their suspensions
  • complex mechanical processes
  • classic rock
  • the make up of the 72 Rolling Stones
  • (of course) Motobecanes
  • A mysterious and poor quality picture of a homemade rear pulley with a moveable cheek- purportedly made of 'spare tractor parts' and dubbed the 'wariator'


"Wari" employed a number of clever (and some not so clever) devices that all added together could have rung someone's bell as being way to the outside, such as "she" logged on via dial up, couldn't and wouldn't load pictures of herself, and employed instead what appeared to be either pictures cut from a fashion magazine (the big brown eye picture as an avitat) and, more disturbingly, the pictures of a young, thin woman apparently of Native American origin. Of course, much speculation about her origin and if she was real flew about, which of course "she" could have quickly quelled with a simple explanation.

Wari was at first a semi-frequent poster to the Moped Army forum boards, then a quick convert to moped chat and "Moped TV," where her ability to show up via web cam was hampered/prevented (of course) by the nasty dial up connection....

Wari gradually became a more and more frequent fixture on moped chat, and by the end of winter was in for at least 5 hours at a time. By this time the character had also evolved into a Myspace page with some odd faceless pictures (and a link to a guy named Dave who was riding a Moby), and e-mail contact with many of the chat participants.

It would appear that although "Wari" initially presented with much knowledge of mopeds (especially French ones), as time went by, "she" became more interested in engaging male members of the chat board in fairly innocent banter about the nature of nothingness.

A likely prospect and theory believed by at least one observer is that "Wari" was of course, simply Dave or "50", and that he was in fact a 50-odd-year old fellow with a ton of Motobecane knowledge but wanted a different way of relating to people, using the character as a pretense to do so. Certainly would explain the knowledge of 61 Ramblers, 70's classic rocks and a whole ton of other things that your average, and even your not-so-average 19 year old would know -- male or female. It is quite possible that this character ran its course, or became so intrusive to whomever else "Dave" or "50" lived with that they pulled the plug when the exact extent of the fairly elaborate plot became visible. The writer of this paragraph would bet this was the person who came home at 11:02 on the dot every night.

It is feasible that this character could have been contrived as a bit of a joke and then become more important to its creator, and that "Wari" was not just fooling those around "her" but also the guy behind the curtain....

The Mystery

Of particular note to one observer who found it odd right from the start, Wari signed off EVERY night at 11:00pm. Never once after. Ever. One could, if they would, picture any number of reasons for this - a bored security guard named Dave or someone whose life circumstance changed abruptly at 11:00 pm...or a college kid with a boring library job. But whoever it was knew Moby's.....

Eventually this playful personality came unraveled to reveal very little except that WariSesi was not in fact a real person. Upon this discovery her/his/its account was deleted from Mopedarmy.com along with a male name. It is unusual to have an account deleted, and this disappearance seemed to come without explanation. Though people making up false identities on the internet is as old as the first smeared paintings on a cave wall, the significance of this identity is not only how well developed it was, but how many and how long people were taken in by the ruse. To this day there are only vague theories as to what/who Wari was.

Current Incarnation

"Wari" is slowly becoming a coined term or meme used as a description of someone enigmatic or hiding behind an assumed identity and is often thrown out in jest as an accusation. Since "her" abrupt final post about "leaving for a while," there have not been any reported or noted "Wari" sightings. Then again, there never were..........

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