Wizard Staff

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Examples of Wizard Staffs in Richmond, VA.

Wizard Staff is a drinking game in which participants consume cans of beer or Sparks. One begins the game by simply consuming a can of beer or Sparks. Upon consumption, the bottom of a second can of beer or Sparks is duct-taped (masking, scotch, and electrical tape can be used. in extreme cases wallpaper has been known to work) to the top of the consumed can of beer or Sparks. This process continues until one has what appears to be a Wizard's Staff.

Often the prefered drinking method of Peddy Cash. Participants have been said to posses the skills to cast magical spells upon completion of a full wizard staff.

to produce a +7 wizardstaff of lightning, one must quest far into the realm of parchmentland, past the blue tower of water and journey around the sea of green murk, to the land of drellendor and speak to Staffsmith Taran of Mount Pleasant whome holds the metalic strips of binding required to behold the power of lightning to a mage stick of spark with a minimum charge of 2.